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Electric Man 2:

Electric Man is The Tournament of Voltagen is a popular flash game that is played online. The game follows Electric Man, who is the main character, as he battles his ways through what feels like and unending army of robots. The robots have only one goal, and that is to stop Electic man from reaching the end of the Tournament of Voltagen and the final boss: Death. Electric Man 2 HS Everyone enjoys a good fighting game and that is what Electric Man 2 HS excels at. The game was made for kids and it shows, not that it is a bad thing. It has simple graphics, the main character is just a sick figure, and a limited color pallet, but it makes up for its lack of flare with its easy to learn controls and fun game play. The player has a series of moves to learn to help them destroy the enemy robots and reach Death as quickly as possible. The A key is used to punch and the S key is used to kick, which are fairly straightforward controls. However, there is also the D key that performs a grab and head smash attack, the E key that does a flip kick, and the W and Q keys that do a power kick an punch respectfully. There are also items the player can collect to cause their attack to be more powerful or unlock new special attacks like the Spartan Power KICK. Electric Man 2 game Understanding Electric Man 2 is the latest game in the series and follows the same general premise of the first game. It has been available on various site across the internet for some time and has been played thousands of times since is was released. There haven’t been any reported bugs or glitches with the game to date.


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